Monmouth – the Birthplace of Henry V

monmouthIf you are looking to visit a town filled with historical relevance and country charm, then Monmouth should be at the top of your list!

Monmouth means “town of the Monnow”, and the Welsh name for it is Trefynwy. It can be found in Monmouthshire, in Wales. It is situated where tow rivers meet – the River Monnow and the River Wye and is a short 2 miles from the English border.

Monmouth has a rich cultural history and is praised in archaeological circles. In fact, Monmouth was named one of the top 10 towns for archaeology in Britain, by the Council for British Archaeology.

The majority of the town’s residents are Christian (approximately 3/4’s), with most of the rest stating they have no religion. There are many churches in Monmouth, ranging from Catholic, and Baptist, to Methodist and Anglican.

Monmouth holds the distinct achievement of being named, in 2017, one of the best places to live in Wales. It has a strong focus on culture, specifically Welsh culture and language. Monmouth is home to what is believed to be the oldest theater in Wales – the Savoy Theatre on Blake Street. It is also home to one of the largest music societies countrywide.

The Monmouth Town Football Club was founded in 1905, and the club currently plays at Chippenham Sports Ground while playing in the Welsh Football League Division One. Monmouth is also home to two golf clubs, a rowing club, as well as rugby, cricket, and bowls clubs.

Another interesting fact is that the Welsh Men’s National Lacrosse team use Monmouth as their training base.

Due to it’s proximity to the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean, Monmouth was a natural tourist hub. In fact, Monmouth was established as a tourist centre some 200 years ago! Popular tourist attractions include the museum, the castle, and the Shire Hall.