Activities When Visiting Monmouth – Part 2

monmouth1If you are visiting Monmouth in March, take some time to visit the Monmouth Women’s Festival that is held at Shire Hall. There will be key speakers, feature films, and exhibitions to attend. If your interest is more with music than speakers, then you will want to visit the Monmouth Festival. Running for 35 years now, it offers 9 days of music. It is free and features a variety of artists and genres.

Another historical adventure to undertake is the trip to Monmouth Castle. Although there is not much left (in fact there is mainly just a wall) it is still a great place to revel in the sense of history. It is also the birthplace of King Henry V who is said to have been born there in 1397. It was taken apart in the 17th century and its parts used in the construction of another attraction nearby – the Great Castle House, which is situated next door.

Staying on the theme of castles there is the Castle & Regimental Museum. This attraction is a volunteer-supported regimental museum. It outlines the history of the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers from all the way back to its origins in the 16th century up to its present role in the reserve army as a senior regiment.

If you were wanting to fit in a game of blackjack or poker while on your trip, you will be disappointed. There are unfortunately no casinos in Monmouth itself – the closest casino is 75 miles away in Swansea. Rather save the time and play a quick game of roulette  online in the evening.

The legendary Admiral Horatio Nelson paid a visit to Monmouth not once but twice in 1802. His first trip was to evaluate Pembrokeshire forests for its timber to be used to build ships, as well as conducting an affair with a local heiress, Lady Llangattock. Llangattock was the mother of Charles Steward Rolls – the famous motoring and aviation Welshman and co-founder of the Rolls-Royce car company. The Nelson Museum & Local History Centre is a collection of Nelson artefacts, history and lore.